Webinar Recap: Gender, Race, and Criminalization

Women, queer, and trans people of color are systemically criminalized for merely daily existence and survival. They experience disproportionate violence from police, intimate partners and family, and strangers alike. They face housing discrimination and tremendous barriers to accessing formal jobs. They are attacked for going into bathrooms that match their gender. They lack relevant healthcare services that meet their most basic needs. In fact, because public funding across the US has been moving away from public services and towards mass incarceration, sometimes jails and prisons provide the most reliable housing.

Ultimately, this pulls people into a cycle that creates tremendous, and often insurmountable, barriers to ever accessing education, jobs, healthcare, and housing—basic needs for well-being and stability. Because of this, women, queer, and trans people of color often have the most creative and transformative solutions to ending police violence and criminalization, yet they are typically ignored and left out of the public and philanthropic conversations on community safety.

In this webinar, speakers shared specific ways criminalization impacts women, queer, and trans people of color, as well as strategies that community members and organizations are using to address these injustices. Funders considered ways to apply an intersectional analysis to their work, as well as how to invest in much-needed solutions and transformative change happening at the intersections of movements for gender justice, racial justice, and anti-criminalization.  


Moderator: Nakisha Lewis, Ms. Foundation for Women 

Thank you to our co-sponsors!

  • Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice
  • Borealis Philanthropy
  • Common Counsel Foundation
  • Grantmakers for Girls of Color
  • Funders for LGBTQ Issues
  • LGBTQ Racial Justice Fund
  • Third Wave Fund

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