Join NFG

NFG began in 1980 as an informal network of funders with a deep interest in community-based grantmaking. Since then, our membership has expanded to include hundreds of grantmaking professionals who are working to build the capacity of philanthropy to advance social justice and community change.


Representatives from institutions whose primary activity is grantmaking are welcome to join NFG. Our members include private foundations, community foundations, family foundations, corporate foundations and giving programs, religious giving programs, public foundations, and other grantmaking institutions.

NFG members are as diverse as the communities they serve. They work in every part of the nation, in both urban and rural settings. The organizations that members fund represent many different racial and ethnic groups and a wide variety of program approaches. 

Member Benefits

  • A nationwide network of peer grantmaking professionals. NFG actively facilitates networking and sharing of learning opportunities among the hundreds of grantmakers in our network, including best practices in grantmaking to advance economic, racial, and social justice.

  • A range of leadership development opportunities in philanthropy. NFG stands out among the many affinity groups in the philanthropic sector as a truly member-driven organization. The NFG network provides a national platform for our members to take leadership in philanthropy by convening colleagues with similar interests, organizing working groups and special projects, and organizing and participating in events that connect grantmakers with field leaders, best practices and policy expertise.

  • Cutting-edge convenings. NFG hosts national conferences, policy briefings and learning tours for funders on the most important issues facing community-centered grantmakers. We also organize special events in collaboration with partner organizations.

  • Resources for community-centered grantmaking practices and trends. Members count on NFG for authoritative publications, case studies, and updates on current issues. 

Membership Fees

Suggested membership fees are listed below, based on your foundation’s grantmaking budget (excluding donor advised funds).

Please choose the membership rate that feels appropriate for you, even if it does not correlate with the suggestions below. To choose a customized membership rate, please contact us at

  • Level 1 - $600/year - Organizations with annual grant budgets less than $1 million
  • Level 2 - $1,250/year - Organizations with annual grant budgets between $1 million - $5 million
  • Level 3 - $3,000/year - Organizations with annual grant budgets between $5 million - $10 million
  • Level 4 - $5,000/year - Organizations with annual grants budgets between $10 million - $15 million
  • Level 5 - $10,000/year - Organizations with annual grants budgets between $15 million - $25 million
  • Sponsoring - $15,000/year - Organizations with annual grant budgets between $25 million - $50 million
  • Sustaining - $25,000/year - Organizations with annual grant budgets greater than $50 million
  • Anchor member - $25,000 - $50,000/year - Encouraged for organizations with grantmaking budgets over $100 million

After completing the membership application you will be emailed an invoice and will be able to pay via check or online.

If you have any questions, please contact us at