Conference Videos


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Opening Welcome Address

  • Welcome Address from Dennis Quirin, NFG President
  • Convening Co-Chairs:
    • Michael Brown, The Seattle Foundation
    • Andrea Dobson, The Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation
    • Sandra Witt, The California Endowment
  • Performance by Youth Speaks Poet Tassiana Willis     


Grounding in Place: Oakland in a Movement Moment (Opening Plenary)

As we convene in Oakland, we open with a session to explore what we can learn from our host city. Does the place that birthed the Black Panthers have something to tell us about the Movement for Black Lives? Can one of the nation’s most ethnically diverse cities share lessons with cities soon to experience demographic shifts? Can the story of one of the fastest gentrifying regions in the U.S. help other places avoid a crisis of displacement? Can this hotbed of organizing and innovation tell us what it takes to sustain movements and incubate creativity? An intergenerational panel of high-profile leaders will help us delve into these questions and more.

  • James Head, East Bay Community Foundation
  • Tony Iton, The California Endowment (moderator)
  • Ericka Huggins, former leader in the Black Panther Party
  • Pastor Michael McBride, PICO National Network
  • María Poblet, Causa Justa :: Just Cause
  • Miya Yoshitani, Asian Pacific Environmental Network


An Exploration of Power Plenary

As funders concerned with equity and justice, we know that many of the barriers to well-being in the communities we care about stem from an imbalance of power. But what is power, really? How does it work? What are the mechanics of building power, and wielding it once it is won? In this plenary, experts will offer insights on the complexities of three different types of power: political power, economic power, and cultural power.


Keynote Address: john a. powell on Othering & Belonging: A Framework for a Fair and Inclusive Society

Othering is a frame that captures the many forms of prejudice and persistent marginality, but also explains and analyzes a set of common processes and mechanisms that engender Othering. john powell will share the investigation and framework for Othering. In doing so, he will also focus on that which we ultimately seek: to identify and advocate for interventions that foster and promote Belonging. We need inclusive structures, new identities and new narratives that will ultimately help us to expand, as john powell calls it, “the circle of human concern."


What Does Philanthropy Need to Do Differently to Help Shift Power Toward Marginalized Communities? (Closing Plenary)

In closing our three-day exploration of people, place, and power, we will directly address the big question at the heart of this conference: what must we as funders do differently if we truly want to use our power to help those in marginalized communities to build their collective power? What charge should we go home with? We will mine the collective wisdom of the room to help answer this question for NFG as a network, for each of our institutions, and for each of us personally. A dynamic group of forward-thinking funders and movement leaders will provoke us in our discussion. 

  • Aaron Dorfman, Executive Director of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (moderator)
  • Laine Romero-Alston, Program Officer at Ford Foundation
  • Fred Blackwell, CEO of The San Francisco Foundation
  • Patricia Castellanos, Deputy Director of LAANE (Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy)
  • Rashad Robinson, President of


NFG Award for Excellence in Community Leadership: Kevin Ryan

NFG believes that positive engagement between funders and nonprofit organizations must be built on respect. The inequality of power and resources between funders and community-based organizations often make it difficult to create respectful relationships in which grantmakers are able to learn from those they fund. Established in 2013 by NFG’s board in honor of Garland A. Yates, former NFG Board Member and Interim Director, the NFG Award for Excellence in Community Leadership recognizes individual leaders who have a track record of respectful working relationships across issues and constituencies with both community organizations and other organizations of funders. The honoree for 2016 is Kevin Ryan, Director of Programs at the New York Foundation.


Artist Performances: