Webinar Recap — New Southern Strategies Report Launch: Employment, Workers’ Rights and the Prospects for Regional Resurgence

Sponsored by NFG's Funders for a Just Economy, Grantmakers for Southern Progress, National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, and the Institute for Southern StudiesReport funded by the Ford Foundation.

What will it take to win successful economic justice campaigns in the South? With many families facing chronically low wages and economic insecurity, an understanding and attention to the political economy of the South can help funders and field organizations develop successful intervention strategies.

Focusing on the southern states of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee, the New Southern Strategies: Employment, Workers’ Rights and the Prospects for Regional Resurgence report assesses economic indicators affecting quality of life in the South, examines corporate strategies that are driving these changes, and presents some of the efforts underway in the region to improve the quality of economic opportunity through labor organizing and strengthening workers’ rights.

On October 3, 2017, Neighborhood Funders Group brought together five speakers from academia, philanthropy, and the field who:

  • shared highlights from the New Southern Strategies: Employment, Workers' Rights and the Prospects for Regional Resurgence report
  • shared analyses of the political economy of the South
  • discussed how history of systemic racism has maintained corporate power and limited efforts to improve workers' rights
  • examined how recent unionization efforts in Tennessee and Mississippi impact the outlook for future efforts nationwide

The report and webinar slides are available below. A recording of the webinar is also available upon request. To learn more or to get the video, please contact Manisha Vaze, Senior Program Manager of Funders for a Just Economy, at manisha@nfg.org

View and download the report here