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Working Group on Place-Based Community Change

NFG's Working Group on Place Based Community Change is dedicated to finding achievable solutions to building robust communities of opportunity. To be successful, NFG is challenged to uncover creative and effective ways to connect philanthropic organizations with practitioners, researchers, policy-makers and government personnel engaged and committed to the practice of comprehensive community change. To meet this challenge NFG works to mobilize resources that enable us to appeal to members and non-members alike through direct outreach, convenings, collaborations and advocacy. 

By strengthening the efforts of our members to coalesce and form strategic alliances, we can explicitly improve the efficacy of place-based grantmaking strategies to engage more with communities and to address the structural implications of social, political, and economic inequities inherent in the revitalization process, particularly, in poor communities, underserved communities and communities of color. 

NFG's Working Group on Place Based Community Change operates through three primary strategies:

  • Organizing foundations with an interest in strengthening their place-based grant making approaches. 
  • Building a member-led working group for change through creating myriad opportunities for professional and personal growth.
  • Sponsoring a robust calendar of events and activities that seeks to uncover and explore new ideas and innovative policies and programs.

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