Who We Are

Our staff and board are former and current grantmakers, organizers, and advocates that bring funders together to support racial, economic, gender, and climate justice movements. To reach our team, please write to us at nfg@nfg.org

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Joan Mineri, Faron McLurkin, Melanie Allen, and Alison Corwin.

Our Team

Adriana Rocha
Adriana Rocha
Sarita Ahuja
Sarita Ahuja
Vice President of Operations
Faron McLurkin
Faron McLurkin
Vice President of Programs
Amanda Hwu
Senior Program Coordinator
Amy T. Morris
Amy T. Morris
Senior Director, Amplify Fund
Courtney Banayad
Courtney Banayad
Director of Membership and Communications
The green, blue, and red swirl icon in NFG's logo.
Elizabeth Pham
Senior Operations Manager
The green, blue, and red swirl icon in NFG's logo.
Lauren Goudeaux
Senior Operations Coordinator
Lindsay Ryder
Lindsay Ryder
Director, Integrated Rural Strategies Group
Manisha Vaze
Manisha Vaze
Director, Funders for a Just Economy
Melody Baker
Melody Baker
Director of Programs, Amplify Fund
Photo portrait of Neda Said.
Neda Said
Program Manager
Nicole Washington
Nicole Washington
Operations Manager, Amplify Fund
Renata Peralta
Director of Learning & Communications, Amplify Fund
Photo of Stephan Cheney
Stephan Cheney
Senior Program Coordinator, Integrated Rural Strategies Group
Shannon Lin
Communications Manager

Our Board

Profile photo of Amoretta Morris.
Amoretta Morris
Borealis Philanthropy
Profile photo of Marjona Jones.
Marjona Jones
Collective Future Fund
Aaron Tanaka
Aaron Tanaka
Center for Economic Democracy
Profile photo of Aditi Vaidya
Aditi Vaidya
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Alison Corwin
Surdna Foundation
Rev. Cory S. Anderson
Cory Anderson
Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation
Judith Bell
Judith Bell
The San Francisco Foundation
A photo of Kaberi Banerjee Murthy. She is smiling and wearing a black blazer.
Kaberi Banerjee Murthy
Meyer Memorial Trust
Kevin Ryan
Ford Foundation
Mark Paley
Mark Paley
The Hyams Foundation
Shona Chakravartty
Hill-Snowdon Foundation
Profile photo of Tania Durán.
Tania Durán
Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation