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Amy T. Morris
Amy T. Morris
Director, Amplify Fund
Melody Baker
Melody Baker
Senior Program Officer, Amplify Fund
Amari Verástegui
Amari Verástegui
Operations Manager, Amplify Fund

The Amplify Fund is a four-year funder collaborative that believes community power is the key driver of just and equitable development. We support people of color and low-income communities to build power and influence decisions about the places where they live. Amplify centers racial justice and believes in following the wisdom and guidance of local leaders. In addition to guiding our strategies and grantmaking, we are committed to living these values through our internal operations, administrative functions, and behavioral norms to the fullest extent possible. 

Download our visual Theory of Change here.

Amplify funds in eight places:  

These places were selected because of: 1) the prioritization of power building work led by people of color and low-income people, and focused on equitable development; 2) the relative absence of national philanthropy; 3) the potential to mobilize local philanthropic dollars. In each place we followed the guidance of local advisors and the wisdom of those with lived experience to develop context-specific strategies. 

Given the persistence of structural racism, the legacies of segregation, and for-profit investors having an outsized share of influence in the development of cities and land, people of color and low-income people bear the brunt of negative impacts created by development. The Amplify Fund imagines a different reality, one in which people of color and low-income people have the power to influence decisions about the places where they live, and as a result, their communities accrue the benefits of change, such as wealth creation, land control and quality of life outcomes including but not limited to affordable housing, living-wage employment, and transportation access. 

Over the next few years, Amplify will:

  • Distribute resources to local organizations through general operating support grants and wrap-around support for grantee-driven learning, and capacity building
  • Engage local, regional, and national funders to foster opportunities for the work to be supported in the long-term.

Launched as the first, and only, grantmaking fund at Neighborhood Funders Group (NFG), Amplify is managed by NFG staff and connected to NFG’s Democratizing Development Program. JustFund is Amplify’s grants portal and Amalgamated Charitable Foundation (ACF) holds Amplify’s funds, and conducts grantmaking due diligence. Amplify is governed by a Steering Committee comprised of representatives from all of the contributing foundations:

  • Ford Foundation 
  • Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation
  • Kresge Foundation
  • General Service Foundation
  • Missouri Foundation for Health
  • Moriah Fund
  • Open Society Foundations
  • Surdna Foundation
  • The California Endowment
  • The JPB Foundation
  • Z Smith Reynolds Foundation

For funders and donors with shared values and goals, we welcome you to join us to change the status quo in philanthropy by supporting the power of people of color and people with low-incomes to own and determine their futures. For more information please contact us via email

Applications from grantseekers are accepted by invitation only at this time. To learn about future opportunities and stay informed about Amplify's work, please click "get in touch" on the right-hand side of this page to sign up for our mailing list. 

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