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Amy T. Morris
Amy T. Morris
Senior Director, Amplify Fund
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Across the country, we are witnessing community residents and institutions organizing deeper together to create a people-powered alternative vision for local development. This vision is not driven by profit, speculation, and the influx of new corporate capital, but centered on community needs. At the heart of this shift is local development powered by the leadership and vision of residents who typically are at the margins of the social and political processes.

The framework below for development centralizes decision-making by low-income individuals and people of color, so that they have the ability to determine what development looks like in their neighborhoods and choose where and how they want to live.

  • Community power building and organizing to stabilize historically marginalized neighborhoods

  • Community leadership, voice, and power in local decision-making to foster inclusive neighborhoods

  • Community ownership and democratic control of land, energy, and the built environment

This framework builds on work by the Right to the City Alliance, a national housing justice movement and community partner of Neighborhood Funders Group.








Graphic: Adapted from Right to the City