Democratizing Development Program Opportunity Zones Strategy Call

A city map with blue lines on a white background.

Photo courtesy of the New York Public Library Digital Collections

NFG Democratizing Development Program has held two webinars focused on learning, networking, and peer-sharing on Opportunity Zones. We have discussed ways funders and community are beginning to understand how Opportunity Zones can spur economic opportunity and potentially exacerbate housing instability for low-income households and households of color. 

On this upcoming strategy call, we will have a facilitated conversation with other Democratizing Development Program members to share their approach and any additional updates on local Opportunity Zones efforts. We will also share the emergence of an Opportunity Zones Network and Strategy Group and ways to move forward our collective work together.

Join this third installment of our conversation on Opportunity Zones to hear how funders and community can prioritize investments in projects that yield equitable growth, benefits, development without displacement, and economic opportunity for low-income communities and communities of color.

If you are able to join the call, please be prepared to be an active participant and share some of your initial thinking about Opportunity Zones and questions you may have for other funders. 

If you are interested in Opportunity Zone webinar notes or materials, please contact Nile Malloy, Senior Program Manager, at