Disrupt the System: How Labor and Philanthropy can Build Worker Power in a New Era

This event is for invited guests only.
Please reach out to Manisha Vaze, Senior Program Manager of Funders for a Just Economy, at manisha@nfg.org if you are interested in this event to learn more.

Logos of Neighborhood Funders Group, LIFT Fund, and AFL-CIO

Over the past several decades workers have experienced severe erosions in job protections, quality, and benefits, and the ability to collectively bargain. These last few years have been particularly grim, as many protections and benefits workers have won over the years were rolled back, and constitutional changes have impacted the way that workers can collectively bargain.

In spite of these challenges, we have seen phenomenal and organic worker movements that have amped up their tactics to elevate the message of workers, develop new leaders, and build worker power. Considering how workers are building power, there are many opportunities for the labor movement and philanthropy to become strategic partners to adequately support workers in this new era.

Join the AFL-CIO, NFG’s Funders for a Just Economy, and the Labor Innovations for the 21st Century (LIFT) Fund for a conversation about how to support workers in this moment, strategize with labor, community, and philanthropic leaders, and disrupt the system to build a powerful worker justice movement.