Eroding the Power of Police Unions

Across the nation, divest/invest campaigns and calls for police accountability are being blocked, and successes rolled back, by the political power of police unions. Join NFG's Funders for Justice for this webinar, to hear from movement leaders in Texas, California, and Arizona, on strategies and learnings to erode police union power. They will also share funding needs and opportunities to significantly move the needle. Campaigns that will be covered include preventing the renewal of a detention center contract, cutting the police union contract in half, cutting $150 million from the police budget, and making the police union endorsement toxic in electoral campaigns and policy fights. In each of these examples, police unions have gone on the offensive in response, pouring money into elections, publicly attacking elected officials and grassroots leaders, and directly threatening the physical safety of movement leaders. 

Manisha Vaze, Director of NFG's Funders for a Just Economy, will speak on the current dynamics between labor unions and police associations. 

The panel will be moderated by Sandy Chiang, of the California Endowment, and Jeree Thomas, Communities Transforming Police Fund, Borealis Philanthropy, who serves as the co-leads for FFJ's Police Unions Strategy Group. Sandy and Jeree will open the webinar with a short training on the structure and history of police associations, and share their own learnings as grantmakers.  


Moderators: Sandy Chiang, The California Endowment & Jeree Thomas, Communities Transforming Police Fund, Borealis Philanthropy 

This webinar will be 90 minutes long. The intended audience is grantmakers and donors. If you have questions about the webinar, please write to us at