Funders for a Just Economy 2020 Policy Briefing

The 2020 elections are flanked by both deepening inequality hitting marginalized communities hardest but also groundbreaking movement on economic justice. From successful teacher’s strikes addressing intersectional issues to new long-term policy visions like the Green New Deal, grassroots and labor organizations are imagining and enacting new possibilities for an economy that works for all. Funders for a Just Economy’s 2020 Policy Briefing in Washington, DC looks to bring these conversations – and foundations and movement partners – together at this dynamic moment.

We’ll hear from field leaders about their latest strategies and policy campaigns towards the upcoming 2020 elections, from the local to the national. How are labor unions and community groups utilizing this moment to build a stronger movement to build power for marginalized communities? How are these efforts tied to transformational strategies for longer term reforms toward democracy and economic inclusion? And most importantly, how can philanthropy partner with social movements to support intersectional economic change, through and beyond 2020?

Day 1: Monday, March 23

10:00 am    Welcome

10:30 am    Keynote TBA

11:00 am    Centering Race and Gender in Worker Policy in 2020 

  • Rebecca Dixon, National Employment Law Project
  • Celeste Faison, MeToo
  • Nyla Foster, National LGBTQ Workers Center

1:15 pm     Winning in 2020: Key Policies on the Federal and State Stages

  • Margarida Jorge, Health Care Action Now
  • Adam Mason, Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement
  • Wendy Chun-Hoon, Family Values @ Work    
  • Sandeep Vaheesan, Open Markets Institute  

3:00 pm     Restructuring the Economy: Worker Organizing to Take on Corporate Power

  • Malini Cadambi-Daniel, SEIU
  • Derecka Mehrens, Working Partnerships USA
  • Lisa Donner, Americans for Financial Reform
  • Awood Center

5:00 pm    Reception & Networking

6:30 pm    Close


Day 2: Tuesday, March 24

9:00 am     Welcome

9:45 am     Keynote TBA

12:15pm     Transformational Strategies and Freedom Dreams

  • Ed Whitfield, Fund for Democratic Communities
  • Alice Aguilar, Progressive Technology Project
  • Erica Smiley, Jobs with Justice
  • Samantha Winslow, Labor Notes

1:45 pm    Discussion & Deeper Dive: How might philanthropy support building movement infrastructure for the long haul?

3:00 pm    Close

Additional speakers to be announced!


Accessibility Information: FHI 360 requires no steps to enter, has ADA accessible bathrooms and a single stall Gender Neutral Bathroom. Please reach out to us if you need further details.

This event is offered free of charge and open to foundations, donor collaborative representatives, and invited guests only. Due to the sensitivity of the materials that will be presented and the strategy discussions, we can only accept registrations from participants that have a demonstrated history and commitment to racial, social, economic, or gender justice in the United States.