Hate is Not Charitable: Three-Part Webinar Series, Part 3

From Hate to Principled Practice: Taking Collective Action

Hosted by Amalgamated Foundation
and Neighborhood Funders Group

Co-sponsored by National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, Resource Generation, Solidaire, and United Philanthropy Forum

An illustration of the word "HATE" crumbling into a pile of dollar signs.

In February 2019, Sludge broke the story that Donor Advised Fund platforms, including the philanthropic arm of major financial institutions – Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund, Schwab Charitable Fund, and Vanguard Charitable – have been making grants to more than 30 hate groups through donor-advised funds (DAFs), totaling over $11 million dollars between 2014-2017.

A month later, Amalgamated Foundation launched the Hate is Not Charitable Campaign as a call to action for philanthropy: for DAF providers to filter out hate and for donors of conscience to take a stand. Since March, over 80 philanthropic institutions have signed on, with the list continuing to grow.

NFG has partnered with Amalgamated Foundation in developing a three-part webinar series to open a critical conversation in philanthropy about our role in fighting white nationalism; foster a collaborative space for funders to talk and collaborate, in partnership with the field; and foster momentum for collective action towards creating real obstacles to moving money to hate groups.

Join us for Part 3 of this webinar series to learn how you can join others in taking collective action in philanthropy to build pressure on donor-advised fund institutions and move money.

Speakers and moderator to be announced.

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