Housing Solution: Community Voice, Land Trust, and Empowerment Webinar

Photos of speakers Lydia Lowe, Zach Murray, Tomas Rivera, and Monique "Mo" George

Amidst gentrification and displacement challenges facing communities across the country, communities want to preserve their identities while building wealth. Innovative models in community organizing, policy, and land use — including ownership and community land trusts (CLTs) — are powerful levers for immediate stabilization, self-determination, and long-term transformation.

In this webinar, geographically diverse communities employing similar strategies to address land and community ownership will put forth alternative visions for equitable development. We will explore questions including: How can the philanthropic sector further advance community land trust investments, capacity building, technical assistance and finance support? How can CLTs maintain and sustain value in different communities? 

Moderator: Nile Malloy, Senior Program Manager, Democratizing Development Program