The LA Teacher Strike and Movement for the Common Good

A crowd protesting in support of LA teachers.

Hosted by Solidaire, Neighborhood Funders Group, and The Arca Foundation

A powerful movement of educators, parents, students and community allies is taking rise across the country to demand that public schools serve all students regardless of race, immigration-status, class and ability.

Increased privatization and perpetual underfunding have created an epidemic where too many schools, particularly those that serve low-income families, families of color and immigrants, are being starved of needed resources. Public school educators, staff, administrators nationwide are barely making a living wage. In response, community-educator partnerships, whether in Los Angeles, North Carolina, West Virginia or Oklahoma, are inspiring a renewed commitment to the social movement for public education that leads with a race-class lens. This movement is underscored by a fundamental drive to tackle the power and structures that undermine public education, such as systemic racism, austerity, privatization and corporate power.

To best understand the values, approach and strategy fueling this movement, please join us for a webinar with the community leaders at the helm of the LA Teachers Strike. Over the past 2 years, educators, community leaders, students and parents have built Reclaim Our Schools LA ( a network that was integral in shaping the bold and visionary demands that animated the strike and led to powerful common good wins such as immigration resources, green space and limit to random searches.

During our webinar you will hear from some of the community leaders and educators who set the vision for the LA-movement, and together we will learn more about the national network of learning and strategy that supports this renewed movement for public education and the common good.

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  • Amy Schur, ACCE
  • Alex Caputo-Pearl, President of United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA)
  • Jazmin GarcĂ­a, parent and activist
  • Rosa Jimenez, teacher activist
  • Maurice BP-Weeks, ACRE (moderator)

Hosted by Solidaire, Neighborhood Funders Group, and The Arca Foundation.

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