Prisons/Detention Centers, Racial Justice, and the Environment in Rural Places

Rural towns are increasingly used as sites for prisons and detention centers, and supported by some city leaders as an economic driver. However, prisons and detention centers funnel residents into low-wage service jobs, pollute the land, and ultimately rely on increasing the number of people in prison in order to grow. This often means heavier policing of youth, migrants, homeless folks, and families.

Neighborhood Funders Group's Integrated Rural Strategies Group and Funders for Justice invite you to a webinar in which you’ll hear from leaders who organize for local investment in thriving communities that is rooted in safety and liberation for all residents, centered on education, jobs, health, and housing — and an end to prisons and detention centers. 




This webinar will: 

  1. Highlight rural community visions in this work, especially in regards to just transition and the solutions that rural communities/organizers are offering  
  2. Educate funders on the false promises of prisons and detention centers as economic drivers in rural places, and how prisons are part of the larger ecosystem/economic system in these places