Shifting Resources Towards Permanently Affordable Housing

A crowd of people holding protest signs that say "Housing is a human right."

A wave of housing solutions to protect, preserve, and build community power is sweeping across the country to address our current housing challenges. But even with groups moving forward local and state policies to advance tenant protections and increase resources for affordable housing, speculation and rising housing costs are still displacing communities of color and low-income communities.

There is a great need to invest in permanently affordable housing like community land trusts and community control of land, which represents a path forward for families threatened by the foreclosure crisis and high rents. Securing community land and power have shown stabilizing results that can weather the storm of housing inequities as funders continue to anchor resources in housing solutions.

How are funders supporting this ecosystem of housing justice strategies to build community power? Hear how funders and leading groups are advancing their strategies to support permanently affordable housing and build community voice in this webinar.


For more information, contact Nile Malloy, Senior Program Manager of NFG's Democratizing Development Program, at