Speak Out: Social Justice Advocacy for Public Foundations

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Public foundations (such as community foundations) can play an important role in building power for communities of color and low-income communities by engaging in advocacy themselves and funding their grantees to advocate on issues such as racial justice, economic justice, community safety, and anti-criminalization. Featuring perspectives from NFG member Seattle Foundation and expertise from Bolder Advocacy, a program of Alliance for Justice, this webinar will provide you with a clear understanding of the kinds of advocacy activities you can safely engage in as a funder at a public foundation. This includes best practices for grantmaking to give your grantees the most flexibility under the law for their advocacy efforts.

Not sure how to make the case for funding advocacy for social justice or equity? Uncertain whether you can fund grantees that lobby? Wondering whether your foundation can speak out on a particular issue such as endorsing a statewide ballot measure for climate justice or lobbying the state legislature to increase resources to support census outreach in historically undercounted communities?

This webinar will answers these questions as well as share real-life examples of a public foundation supporting the advocacy work of its grantees as well as engaging in institutional advocacy itself.

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Note: This webinar is intended for grantmakers at public foundations, such as community foundations. A webinar for private foundation audience will be offered later this fall.

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