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Funders for a Just Economy (FJE), formerly known as the Working Group on Labor and Community Partnerships, is a national network of funders committed to advancing the philanthropic conversation around economic justice and workplace issues. We are committed to placing organized labor, worker centers, worker justice campaigns, policy efforts, and organizing strategies at the center of our various efforts, and addressing the disparate impact of economic policies on people of color, women, migrants, and low-income individuals and families.

FJE is a gathering place for progressive conversations about working conditions for low-wage workers, workers’ health and safety, and community-based anti-poverty efforts. We invite our colleagues and partners in philanthropy to join FJE. This working group is comprised of local, regional, and national funders. Members meet regularly to share strategies, collaborate in learning opportunities, and deepen our knowledge of the latest organizing strategies and policies that shape the conversation on worker and economic justice.


Meet our program leaders.

Alejandra Ibañez
Program Officer
Woods Fund Chicago

Alejandra is Co-Chair of Funders for a Just Economy. She has nearly two decades of experience as a community organizer, convener, and leader.

marjona jones
Senior Program Officer
Unitarian Universalist Veatch Program at Shelter Rock

Marjona is a Co-Chair of Funders for a Just Economy. She focuses on grantmaking to support racial justice and economic equity.

Senior Program Officer
Hill-Snowdon Foundation

Shona leads Hill-Snowdon Foundation's Economic Justice grantmaking program. She previously served as a Co-Chair of Funders for a Just Economy.

Emma Oppenheim
Program Officer
Open Society Foundations

Emma is a program officer for economic advancement at Open Society Foundations. She manages a grant portfolio that promotes equitable growth and just distribution of resources.

Anna Quinn
Initiatives Associate
NoVo Foundation

Anna supports NoVo’s initiative to end violence against girls and women with a focus on advancing economic justice.

Bob Shull
Program Director
Public Welfare Foundation

Bob is the Program Director for Workers’ Rights at Public Welfare Foundation, running a grantmaking portfolio aimed at improving working conditions for low-wage workers.

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