May 8, 2017

Planting Roots in the South: Announcing a New Home for GSP at the Southern Education Foundation

Photo by Jonas Weckschmied on Unsplash

NFG is pleased to share some exciting news about the growth of Grantmakers for Southern Progress and plans to deepen its impact by planting organizational roots in the South.

Grantmakers for Southern Progress had its genesis in 2009. In its early years, GSP and Neighborhood Funders Group decided to formally partner in order to bridge relationships between southern and national social change-oriented funders. In partnership over the last four years, both entities have benefitted greatly. GSP’s national profile has become well-established, and NFG’s capacity and networks in the South have grown and deepened.

GSP has a growing, diverse and expanded base of partners that include national foundations, regional foundations, labor unions, individual donors and community foundations. Over the last few years, GSP has directly facilitated new investments in the South of nearly $3.1 million dollars. The growth and momentum spurred by GSP’s efforts to organize funders around an agenda for southern progress was evident at GSP’s April funder 2017 gathering in Charleston, SC. It was GSP’s first large regional convening, with 127 GSP members representing 82 national and regional foundations coming together with regional leaders to share and discuss the opportunities, challenges and best strategies for supporting structural change and advancing progress in the South. 

At this point in GSP’s development, it is clear that GSP has to not only be about the South, but of the South – and the best way for GSP to do this is to be geographically based in the South. We are pleased to announce that GSP has chosen the Southern Education Foundation in Atlanta as its new institutional home. 

Celebrating its 150th anniversary this year, the Southern Education Foundation’s (SEF) mission of advancing equity and excellence in education for all students in the South, particularly low income students and students of color, aligns seamlessly with GSP’s focus on racial and gender equity as key indicators of progress in the South. SEF sees this partnership with GSP as a real opportunity to work with and through the philanthropic community to increase collaboration and coordination among stakeholders in the region; increase ability of stakeholders to engage in meaningful cross-sector engagement; and leverage national support for Southern-led efforts.

NFG is excited about GSP’s next steps as it becomes a Southern-based entity, and is looking forward to an ongoing strategic partnership with GSP and SEF that inspires philanthropy to bolder action in promoting racial justice and equity in the South.

For more information about Grantmakers for Southern Progress, please visit

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January 13, 2022

Saying ‘no’ and rest as resistance: NFG's December 2021 Newsletter

At the beginning of this month, Neighborhood Funders Group hosted our final Member Connection Call of 2021. These calls are informal virtual spaces for grantmakers to truly connect and co-conspire; if you haven't joined one yet, we hope that you will in 2022 — register here for our next call on January 26!

On this year's Member Connection Calls, we've talked about how we're infusing care into our organizations and grantmaking, racial capitalism, racial justice organizing in specific places (and how philanthropy must move more + more + more money to BIPOC and low-income communities), rapid response funding, and lessons revealed to us by the pandemic on how to be better grantmakers and liberate all philanthropic assets.

We've shared the things that never fail to bring us comfort, offered tips for harnessing joy in all of the seasons, and taken each other on trips through our memories to our favorite vacation spots.

After co-hosting Member Connection Calls with NFG's President, Adriana Rocha, for well over a year, I've found that something that someone shares at each call resonates deeply for me. On this December call, it was:

'No' creates space to be a whole person at and outside of work.

It feels fitting to me to be putting the finishing touches on this message to you on NFG's final workday of the year. Beginning tomorrow (December 15), NFG will be closed for a three-week paid administrative break. We're saying 'no' to more meetings, more emails, and more work in favor of pausing, stopping, and creating the space to rest. Because we know from Tricia Hersey at The Nap Ministry that REST IS RESISTANCE.

The NFG team will return to our respective home offices on Wednesday, January 5. Here's a sneak peek into NFG's 2022: we'll be sharing our new theory of change, updating our website and brand, and announcing plans for our 2022 National Convening. And we'll continue sharing how we're centering our culture of care in our efforts to shift power in philanthropy towards justice and liberation.

Truthfully, I don't expect us to feel fully rested when we return — if 'feeling fully rested' is even a possibility in a capitalist world that values grind culture and all too often uplifts white supremacy culture characteristics of perfectionism, urgency, and quantity vs. quality. But I do know that this team-wide break moves us closer to a vision where all of our communities thrive in a liberated world where we are all well, where we are all cared for, and where there is abundance for all —and NFG is invested in this vision.

We look forward to co-conspiring with you to move money to racial, gender, economic, and climate justice in 2022. And we hope that you too say 'no' to what you need to and rest in any & every way that you're able.

Courtney Banayad
Director of Membership and Communications

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January 12, 2022

2022 Discount Foundation Legacy Award: Call for Nominations

The nominations are now open for the 2022 Discount Foundation Legacy Award!

The Discount Foundation Legacy Award annually identifies, supports, and celebrates an individual who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and contributed significantly to workers’ rights movements in the United States and/or globally. Through public recognition and a $20,000 stipend, we hope to recognize and amplify the work of individuals at the intersections leading the way toward justice for low-wage workers of color. This is a one of a kind opportunity to recognize the often unheard voices of worker movements — that includes volunteers, members, workplace leaders, and more who are transforming the lives and rights of their fellow low-wage workers of color.

To be eligible for the Award, a nominee must be active in worker justice, including but not limited to organizing and advocacy-related work. Additionally, nominees do not have to be employed at an organization or institution whose mission is to advance worker justice — they can be volunteers, members or other leaders at an organization or workplace organizing effort. We will not be asking questions regarding immigration or other legal status, and nominees do not have to reside in the US.

Nominees need to be nominated by someone other than themselves, through a simple, quick and accessible application process found here. The Award is meant only for individuals. Organizations, groups of individuals or institutions are not eligible for consideration. If you know anyone who you think should be recognized for their significant commitment to worker justice at any level — from a workplace to the neighborhood to the nation — this is your chance to provide them a powerful boost and real resources they can use in whatever way they choose! 

view nomination form

In addition to being publicly recognized for their remarkable contributions to the movement, the 2022 Discount Foundation Legacy Award winner will receive a $20,000 stipend to provide them with the flexibility to expand upon their professional activities and achievements They will not be asked for any reporting requirements, and the funding has no specific strings attached or other specific obligations. The winner of the 2022 Discount Foundation Legacy Award will be invited to be honored at a virtual event in 2022. To learn more about the eligibility requirements and nomination process, please see our FAQs here — and please spread the word about this opportunity to your networks, colleagues and friends!

All nominations must be received by 11:59pm ET on March 7, 2022 through the online nomination form. We’re happy to help answer questions about the award, or support with any trouble you have with the application — please reach out to

Created in partnership with Jobs With Justice Education Fund and the Neighborhood Funders Group’s Funders for a Just Economy, the Discount Foundation Legacy Award was launched in 2015 to commemorate and carry on the legacy of the Foundation’s decades-long history of supporting leading edge organizing in the worker justice arena beyond its spend down as a foundation in 2014. Learn more about the Discount Foundation Legacy Award.

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