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Communications and Outreach Manager
Chicago, IL
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About Us

Pillars invests in opportunities to elevate and amplify the leadership and talents of American Muslims in civil society. Through our funding programs, campaigns, and initiatives, we support a vibrant and growing nonprofit sector, which has been under immense pressure to protect and defend against imminent threats to the lives and livelihoods of Muslims in the United States. Pillars has been committed to harnessing our collective resources to serve our own communities and contribute broadly to the world around us. Since its founding in 2010, Pillars has invested more than $5 million in opportunities for Muslims in the U.S. to tell their own stories, build community and fight injustice through the media, arts, public discourse and civil society.

Job Description: Communications and Outreach Manager 

The Communications Manager will collaborate with the entire Pillars team to enhance the awareness and impact of the community of Muslim leaders and organizational partners and grow Pillars’ ability to respond to, curate and shape conversations. The Manager will work with the leadership team to develop and be responsible for executing a refreshed communications and outreach strategy, which will include the management of messaging, traditional and social media, brand adherence, and online and in-person events. The Manager will work especially closely with the Digital Media Coordinator and will report to the Managing Director of Strategy and Partnerships. This is an exciting time to work with the small, enterprising team at Pillars and to create opportunities for individual and organizational growth.

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