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Part-Time Expert Consultant
Application Deadline: 
Saturday, February 1, 2020

Position Title: Project Coordinator & Facilitator
20th Anniversary Initiative “A 20:20 Vision for Youth Justice”

About the Andrus Family Fund

The Andrus Family Fund (AFF), a program of the Surdna Foundation, is a leading national social justice funder that believes young people deserve more than one opportunity at a good, sustainable life. AFF supports youth ages 16-24 impacted by the child welfare or youth justice systems. AFF’s grantmaking supports a variety of approaches, including community organizing, policy and advocacy, direct service, and field building. Our grantee partners include small, grassroots, community-based organizing and direct service organizations, policy shops, and larger national networks that are committed to addressing racial inequality and the enduring effects of colonialism on marginalized communities. Partners collaborate to achieve significant, long-term structural change in the systems affecting vulnerable youth while also making a positive impact in their daily lives. They do so by centering the voices of directly impacted communities—including youth of color and native youth involved in the youth justice system or in foster care placement—to both articulate and lead the significant change needed to ensure youth have more than one opportunity at a sustainable life. In 2020-2021, AFF will be celebrating its 20th anniversary and is seeking an expert consultant to serve as the coordinator of our 20th Anniversary Grantmaking Initiative.

About The 20th Anniversary Initiative:

The United States is coming to terms with the deeply harmful legacy of mass incarceration, which has permeated every segment of society, including our youngest members. Over the last 3 years, AFF has engaged in deep, thoughtful conversations with our organizational partners about what’s needed to convert this momentum of growing reform of the youth justice movement into sustainable and long-lasting transformation. Our partners have resoundingly echoed
that they have not yet had the resources or opportunity to develop a long-term strategy to help dismantle at the established system of mass incarceration and overcriminalization of youth of color. Our partners have shared a resounding need to halt business as usual. They have asked us to support them in building a long-term, transformative vision of community power to stave off concerning trends such as a rise in white nationalist rhetoric and hate-crimes,
an explosion in immigrant detentions, ballooning allocations to police department budgets, and other strategies that promote punitive approaches to youth and communities.

Instead of rallying around short-term, incremental policy wins that help chip away at one aspect of the overall youth justice system—sentencing, bail reform, conditions of incarceration, re-entry reform—our partners want space to reenvision the entire youth justice system overall and to map out the resources, capacities, and field-building work they will need to align to achieve their broader vision. They want to privilege the voices of the most marginalized—youth of color, indigenous youth, LGBTQ+ people, women and girls, and others. To engage these communities and organizations—often the most under-funded, will take dedicated resources, more time, and further collaborative processes to center directly impacted youth to the center of a longer-term strategy.

The goals of the initiative include:

  1. Provide capacity to organizations to engage in long-term strategy development;
  2. support narrative change efforts;
  3. promote learning efforts;
  4. catalyze additional philanthropic dollars for the youth justice field;
  5. and celebrate 20 years of AFF’s family philanthropic work including grantmaking, field-building, leadership development, research and learning.

In response to the needs of our partners, AFF is searching for a coordinator for our 20th Anniversary Initiative entitled: a 20:20 Vision for Youth Justice, which seeks to ensure that frontline communities have access to the resources to engage in long-term strategy development. This $1 million initiative will support 5-10 organizations with one-year grants to lead community visioning sessions which will articulate a long-term strategy. Among the topics to be addressed are:

  • Building alternative models of community safety and policing
  • Abolishing youth prisons and the school to prison pipeline
  • Divesting from punitive approaches and advancing healing or trauma-responsive approaches
  • Visions specific to a geographic region (ie. U.S. South, Puerto Rico, Mid-west, etc.)
  • Visions specific to a particular group (ie. Native Youth, Women and Girls of Color, etc.)

Grantee partners will be selected by an Advisory Committee made up of youth, movement organizational leaders, and some funders. Funders at the table may be additional co-investors in the overall grantmaking pool of dollars. The articulated visions will also be compiled in a publication and shared with the broader field and with philanthropy through a variety of events to help catalyze additional investment. Visioning sessions and final outcomes will be documented by a social justice narrative change partner to help visually illustrate the connection between the visions, their diversity and alignment, and the overall inspirational power and strategic acumen of the youth justice field.

About the Position:

The Coordinator will report to the director of the Andrus Family Fund. This is a contract consultant position that works remotely for up to part-time weekly hours (up to 20 hours/week). Consultant Fee is $45,000 for 12 months beginning mid-February or early March of 2020. The Coordinator will be responsible for designing and implementing the initiative under the direction and supervision of the director. 

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