Program Officer, Democracy | Four Freedoms Fund & Four Freedoms Action Fund (NEO Philanthropy)

Program Officer, Democracy
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NEO Philanthropy is a 501(c)(3) public charity that operates grantmaking and technical assistance programs for institutional and individual donors interested in social justice and human rights issues. By developing sustainable partnerships among donors, grantees and allied groups, NEO seeks to foster a movement for social change resulting in equality, fairness and a stronger participatory democracy.

Four Freedoms Fund is a national funder collaborative that was launched by NEO Philanthropy in 2003. FFF strengthens the capacity of the immigrant justice movement to ensure all immigrants, regardless of immigration status, have dignity, power to shape change, and agency to determine the quality of their life, community, and future. To achieve this goal, FFF believes we need a robust and powerful infrastructure of organizations leading the transformation of our country’s systems to be inclusive, fair and just, and grounded in racial, economic, and gender justice. FFF is a key partner to foundations and advocates strengthening the immigrant justice movement. Through sustained grantmaking, ongoing technical assistance to grantees, and funder education and coordination, FFF invests in the long-term growth and ability of the immigrant justice movement to thrive, respond to opportunities and threats, and win lasting justice.

Four Freedoms Action Fund is a funder collaborative hosted by Neo Philanthropy Action Fund, Inc. designed to accelerate and escalate the growing independent political power of the immigrant justice movement by investing 501(c)4 funds through organizational capacity building, policy advocacy and accountability, and strategic electoral campaigns in targeted states.

NEO is seeking an experienced professional to serve as a Program Officer to the Four Freedoms Fund (FFF) and Four Freedoms Action Fund (FFAF) to help shape and execute a funding strategy aimed at strengthening the independent political power of the immigrant justice movement. The Program Officer will report to the Director of Democracy Initiatives.

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