Systems Changes Towards Equity and Inclusion in the Midwest: Vision and Practical Grantmaking Steps

Building safe, inclusive, and more equitable communities for low-income and communities of color becomes even more critical as cities and regions continue to develop and expand. In places like Milwaukee, Chicago, and Detroit, large populations of low-income black communities, immigrant communities, and others continue to be plagued with problems ranging from poor schools, low quality housing, and lack of job opportunities. Community groups continue to work towards solutions that will improve lives in these places.

Navigating the deep history of exclusionary and racially charged polices that have excluded communities in these places, philanthropic institutions and leaders are forging ahead impactful place-based strategies that empower residents, build partnerships, and push towards more equitable change.

Join us for a conversation with Midwest philanthropic leaders who are working to improve neighborhoods and create economic opportunity for communities. 

  • Highlight and bring attention to Midwest philanthropic leaders, strategies, and approaches to improve neighborhoods and create economic opportunities for underserved communities
  • Discuss how funders are addressing intersectional issues like immigration, jobs, poverty, violence, or others that link to equitable development, housing affordability, and community organizing/power-building
  • Learn how philanthropic leaders are addressing racial justice and structural racism issues with their grantees
  • Grace B. Hou, President, Woods Fund Chicago
  • Susan Lloyd, Executive Director, Zilber Family Foundation
  • Ed Egnatios, Program Officer, W.K. Kellogg Foundation
  • Kevin Ryan, Program Director, New York Foundation (moderator)

Sponsored by Woods Fund Chicago, Zilber Family Foundation, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, New York Foundation, and Neighborhood Funders Group.

For any questions, please contact Nile Malloy, Senior Program Manager of NFG's Democratizing Development Program, at