National Dialogue: Local Strategies for Wall Street Accountability and Community Control of Capital

Join us for the next installment in the National Dialogue webinar series! At the start of 2014, the stakes are high and the people are poised to win: from new leadership and real principal reduction possibilities at the federal level; to local fights and the use of eminent domain to keep people in their homes at real market values; to the use of settlement funds to reinvest in the communities most heavily impacted by predatory lending and sweeping foreclosures. We'll hear from national and local activists who remind us that the foreclosure crisis is far from over - and public pressure is on for real strategies to hold Wall Street accountable for the homes and the wealth that financial institutions continue to drain from neighborhoods and communities across the country.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

1:30pm - 3pm eastern/ 10:30am - 12noon pacific

Welcome by Anna Lefer Kuhn, Arca Foundation

Moderated by Lisa Donner, Americans for Financial Reform

Speakers include:

Visit our housing justice news page to read articles on the strategies that these activists will be talking about. 

This webinar is open to all funders and advocates. To RSVP, register online here. Please email us at with any questions.