July 12, 2018

Time to Invest for Justice

In June 2018, Neighborhood Funders Group convened hundreds of local, regional, and national funders for the NFG 2018 National Convening, Raise Up: Moving Money for Justice. Here, Rudi Navarra, Program Officer at The Solutions Project, reflects on the importance of investing time into learning and collaborating together.


C155614-2_pp.jpgThis week in Texas, "Road To Change" organizers and Parkland shooting survivors engaged pro-gun counter-protesters in an impromptu 90-minute street town hall dialogue resulting in jaw-dropping and surprising general agreement on Red Flag Laws, background checks, limiting gun trafficking and digitizing ATF records, providing us a glimmer of hope in the contentious national gun debate. 

A couple of weeks ago, progressive star rising Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won New York’s 14th US Congressional district primary election by defeating ten-term Democratic incumbent and heavyweight Joe Crowley in probably the biggest political upset of the year by listening and inspiring residents of the Bronx and Queens in New York City, sparking a national conversation about democratic socialism and liberal values.

And last month, at NFG's "Raise Up: Moving Money for Justice" National Convening in St. Louis, Missouri, Ferguson activist Kayla Reed from the St. Louis Action Center and Electoral Justice Project at Movement for Black Lives reminded us in the philanthropic sector to slow down enough and take the time to learn what local communities genuinely know, desperately need, and honestly seek in partners (including funders). I was humbled to hear Kayla’s words. And they struck a nerve. 

These three events may appear random, but they demonstrate the need to invest enough time in being smarter and learning from each other in order to succeed in our common road to social justice. 

356.jpgThe Neighborhood Funders Group "Raise Up" National Convening is arguably the premier social and racial justice funder gathering in the country. This past June, it was evident how important intersectional work and funding across silos would get us closer to our social justice goals. In my case and Solutions Project’s, it’s a movement building intermediary advancing 100% clean, renewable energy for 100% of the people and 100% equity. So how do we all work together across so many silos?

Convenings such as these allow funders to self-organize and collaborate with a cross-section of stakeholders to drive social change not as a leader but as one of many social change partners. We need not have to look too far. Community champions such as "Road To Change," Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Kayla Reed are showing us all how to give our 100%.

These are dangerous times for our communities, and yet in spite of hope-busting setbacks, we continue to see great leadership and progress where least expected. Having participated in this, my first NFG convening, today is our moment for leadership and a new philanthropy to emerge. It is time to raise up and move money for justice. 

Connect with Rudi on LinkedIn and Twitter at @LatinoSublime.

Follow The Solutions Project at @SolutionsProj and @100isNow.

Find more posts about the NFG 2018 National Convening on the NFG blog.

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December 10, 2018

Welcome to the new NFG website!

Thank you for visiting Neighborhood Funders Group's new website! We've completely redesigned and improved how it works to make it easier than ever for our members to use as an online resource.

We're currently in soft launch mode before we publicly announce the new site in 2019, so thanks for taking an initial sneak peek! Please excuse our digital dust as we finish testing all of the features of our new website. You can find a temporary archive of our old site at old.nfg.org.

What new features can you find on the site?

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Let us know at support@nfg.org if you come across any issues logging in, or anywhere else on the site. Stay tuned for our official launch announcement, and thanks for visiting!

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January 22, 2019

Welcome Faron McLurkin, Sr. Program Manager of the Integrated Rural Strategies Group

Faron McLurkinFaron McLurkin has joined NFG’s staff as the Senior Program Manager for the Integrated Rural Strategies Group (IRSG), which brings together funders working to build long-term support for rural organizing infrastructure that centers values of racial justice and builds sustainable power in rural communities. 

Faron was a founding member of IRSG in his former role as Program Officer at the Unitarian Universalist Veatch Program at Shelter Rock (Veatch). During his time at Veatch, Faron oversaw its New York state and Environmental Justice portfolios. He has also served as the Executive Director of the Center for Third World Organizing, one of the oldest racial justice organizations in the country, and as a national organizing director for several unions.

In his new role leading IRSG, Faron will utilize his background in political education, philanthropic grantmaking, and organizing for social change to help drive the growth and advancement of the group’s programming. His focus will include developing programming for funder audiences to promote rural organizing opportunities; creating vehicles for moving resources to support rural communities; and identifying grantmaking strategies, grantees, and partners in the field to inform this group’s work.

To learn more about IRSG and how to get involved, get in touch with Faron at faron@nfg.org

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