The Innovations and Independence of OUR Walmart

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Neighborhood Funders Group, Working Group on Labor and Community Partnerships, we would like to invite you to a funder briefing on The Innovations and Impact of OUR Walmart.  OUR Walmart’s campaign to change Walmart is an effort that began in 2011 and has made a deep mark on how to build worker power and paved the way for new forms of organizing. Join us to learn more about this effort and how recent developments are continuing to innovate the field of worker rights and movement building.

The Innovations and Impact of OUR Walmart

Monday, August 24th

2:30 4:30pm

Surdna Foundation

330 Madison Ave # 30, New York, NY 10017

OUR Walmart is one of the largest workplace based organizations in the country outside of traditional unions.  OUR Walmart has been successful at directly challenging the world’s largest retailer, and largest employer of women and people of color, to improve pay and working conditions and has built solidarity across the supply chain.   Already, OUR Walmart has succeeded in winning change at the store level, and nationally, including a new policy that protects the rights of pregnant women, and a $1 billion wage increase for 500,000 workers that led to raises for workers at multiple national companies. 

This is an exciting time for organizing low-wage and multi-racial workers and changing Walmart continues to be a critical to our shared future.  We will hear more about OUR Walmart’s innovative use of social media to build on the ground and on-line organizing and work with partners to seed new experiments around scale, power and sustainability.

OUR Walmart has put the behemoth on notice through strong organizing and exercising power strategically.  As funders we will continue to explore ways to invest in this and other new forms of organizing and be open to experimentation to raise standards and build worker power in other private industry sectors as well. Please join us!