Peer Coaching Training Webinar

"In the midst of continual change and development, people rarely struggle because they lack some key piece of information or some precise procedure from a course or a book. Rather, they often get stuck in how they think and feel about themselves or their situations."
— Carter McNamara, Authenticity Consulting

Our work with our members has taught us that peer support to work through goals and challenges is a powerful tool to move our work towards justice forward. Neighborhood Funders Group is excited to announce the launch of a new offering this fall: peer coaching circles model based on work by Authenticity Consulting.

Peer coaching circles bring peers together to coach each other and develop more effective, better supported leaders within organizations and movements. In these 5-person groups, each participant equally focuses on their peers’ learning and development. Peers use an action learning process that supports adult learning to hold one another accountable to their goals and support each other to address current problems and challenges.

Through our experience holding and participating in peer coaching circles, we’ve learned that peer coaching circles:

  • Offer a confidential network of peers,
  • Build leadership skills,
  • Support the resolution of real-world issues, and
  • Provide leaders the time to reflect and learn as they take action.

Join us for a peer coaching training webinar!

Note: At the NFG 2018 National Convening in St Louis, MO, we held a breakfast to train participants on the peer coaching model. If you attended this breakfast training and are interested in joining a circle, there is no need to attend this webinar; please email Adriana Rocha at to sign up for a circle.

In this webinar, we will train additional NFG members about the use of peer coaching circles as an integral element of individual and collective leadership development. Following the webinar, NFG will launch three peer coaching circles. Don’t miss your chance to learn about the model and sign up for a peer coaching circle!

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