November 22, 2016

Post-Election Resources

Social justice organizers, advocates, and the funders who support their work are all grappling with how to move forward in the new social and political moment we find ourselves in. NFG has pulled together a short list of post-election readings and tools you may find useful. We all have a responsibility to go deeper in the weeks, months and years ahead. If you’d like to share information or analysis with us, please write to


Readings: Role for Funders 


Carmen Rojas: "Let The Record Show, While They Hedged Their Bets, We Resisted"

Philanthropic practitioners will have many opportunities in the upcoming months to boldly take action and support leaders of marginalized communities on the frontline. Carmen Rojas, CEO of NFG member The Workers Lab, writes about what is and is not needed in this moment.

Vu Lee: "In the Trump Era, Nonprofits Need a New Social Contract with Foundations"

Vu Lee of the blog Nonprofits with Balls lays out nine recommendations for funders in the Trump Era, including: stop saving for a rainy day (increase payouts), increase unrestricted funding, fund organizing and advocacy, fund marginalized communities directly, and take risks.

Inside Philanthropy: "The Future of Progressive Philanthropy Under a Trump Presidency"

Several colleagues from our NFG network share their current challenges, strategies, and planned approaches for funding and defending social justice organizations in the new political climate in this article from Inside Philanthropy

Inside Philanthropy: "Philanthropy in the Age of Trump: Six Predictions"

David Callahan of Inside Philanthropy provides his forecast for how forthcoming changes in government will affect the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors.

Movement Net Lab: "Crisis Pimping or Preparedness? Investing in Social Movement Encapsulation"

Allen Kwabena Frimpong at Movement Net Lab argues that our donor and funder organizing for movement building should not just be about getting money to movements now, but to also transform how we give so that the extractive and transactional nature of how we give is made obsolete.


Readings: Role for Cities and Municipalities


America Needs a Network of Rebel Cities 

In Spain, this network of “rebel cities” has been putting up some of the most effective resistance to the conservative central government. Radical municipalism has a long history in the U.S. as well.

Sanctuary Cities Stand Firm 

At least 37 cities have reaffirmed their immigration policies despite the president-elect’s threat to withhold federal funding.   


Tools and Resources for Bold Advocacy and Organizational Sustainability


Alliance for Justice: “The Time for Advocacy Is Now"

Alliance for Justice’s Bolder Advocacy Initiative has several resources on post-election advocacy during this transition period. AFJ has also updated their guidance for 501(c)(3) organizations regarding commentary about elected officials after the election.

PRA: Ground Rules and Tips for Challenging the Right

Political Research Associates (PRA) provides some suggestions on strategies for confronting right-wing campaigns, organizations, and movements.

RoadMap: Weathering the Storm

Opposition attacks can be successful in damaging and weakening targeted groups. RoadMap has resources to help social change organizations protect against common types of attacks and proactively strengthen their crisis response strategies.

Access Now: Digital Security Helpline

Access Now provides a 24/7 multilingual helpline to civil society organizations with direct technical assistance for digital security incidents and support for securing websites, technical infrastructure, and social media against attacks.


Rapid Response Funds and Relevant Collaborative Funds

The following is a list of national and place-based funds that may be useful vehicles for funders who wish to support rapid-response efforts or collaborative funding efforts in support of targeted communities and critical issues.  






Resources for Specific Issues or Communities


GCIR: Post-Election Resources Page for Immigrant and Refugee Issues

Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees (GCIR) has compiled an updated list of resources for funders and grantees supporting immigrants and refugees. The list includes suggested strategies to prepare for imminent changes to immigration policies.

Security and Rights Collaborative: Supporting Muslim, Arab, South Asian Communities

The Security and Rights Collaborative helps move money and other resources to support Muslim, Arab, and South Asian community organizing and safety. 

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