August 1, 2018

Field & Funder Convening explores strategies to resource transformative solutions to the US housing crisis

In July 2018, Neighborhood Funders Group and the Right To The City Alliance hosted a Funder & Field Convening alongside the Homes For All Member Assembly in Atlanta, GA. Grantmakers met with grassroots leaders to strategically align and move more resources to support housing justice efforts happening throughout the country. The convening included workshops on investing in long-term narrative shift, a funder tour through Atlanta with the Housing Justice League, and deep discussion on the role of funders in movement building.

“The conference was an incredible opportunity to build relationships with movement leaders and like-minded colleagues in philanthropy. I really appreciated Neighborhood Funders Group’s intentional approach to build a culture of accountability and taking the lead from movement leaders which was beautifully woven throughout the entire convening. From informative workshops, dynamic speakers, and illuminating site visits — I returned refreshed, reinvigorated, and with a list of action items to integrate what I learned.”

— Elizabeth Posey, Marguerite Casey Foundation

At the end of the convening, participants expressed broad and strong interest in continuing the conversation. Neighborhood Funders Group and Right To The City will be hosting a report-back webinar in August 2018.

The webinar will include feedback and reflections from participants and a summary of participant evaluations that are still being collected. Funders who are interested in the webinar, learning more about the work happening on the ground, future funder conversations and activities, and ways to connect to colleagues and institutions moving initiatives related to this work should contact Nile Malloy at Neighborhood Funders Group and Dawn Phillips at Right To The City.

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