May 24, 2018

Journey Towards Intersectional Grant-Making

Report_Cover_-_Journey_towards_Intersectional_Grant-making.pngFunders for a Just Economy started the Working at the Intersections group to create a supportive community in which funders could learn about intersectional grant-making together and create the beginnings of a central framework on economic justice grantmaking through an intersectional lens.

In late 2017, the group interviewed a dozen philanthropic leaders and key thought partners to inform their understanding of intersectional grant-making. The approach was an appreciative inquiry to affirm that there is a great deal of expertise in the field. The group then convened 18 colleagues in philanthropy for an in-person strategy session. At this convening, they invested in relationship-building with community and worker organizing leaders; deepened their understanding of how slavery, genocide, the settler state, and heteropatriarchy have shaped the economy; talked honestly about challenges within philanthropy; and began to create a blueprint for their work together in 2018 and beyond.

Learnings from the Working at the Intersections group led to 12 best practices for intersectional grantmaking that form the basis of a new report, Journey Towards Intersectional Grant-Making. These best practices also build on past work including the #BlackWorkersMatter report by Neighborhood Funders Group and the Discount Foundation, the And Still I Rise: Black Women Labor Leaders’ Voices / Power / Promise reports by the Institute for Policy Studies, and the work of NFG’s Project Phoenix.

Click the download links below to view the Journey Towards Intersectional Grant-Making report and a one page resource with 12 best practices for intersectional grantmaking.

Download the 12 best practices [PDF]

Download the full report [PDF]

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