April 28, 2012

L.A. RISING: The 1992 Civil Unrest, the Arc of Social Justice Organizing, and the Lessons for Today’s Movement Building

 By Manuel Pastor and Michele Prichard, April 2014. “This report is our attempt to unravel at least part of the story. It is a long and complicated tale, which partly explains the many pages we take to tell it. Even at this length (and the full report on which this summary is based is even longer), our  telling is necessarily incomplete. There were so many actors, so many turning points, and so many skirmishes in the fight for justice. But we try to capture parts of the puzzle, offering key lessons to activists, social movement observers, and funders from our review of the literature, our knowledge of the history, and the perspectives offered in a unique set of interviews with twenty- three of the top organizers involved in the last twenty years of movement building in Los Angeles.” - Liberty Hill Foundation, Los Angeles, CA...read more.
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