March 6, 2017

Project Phoenix Grantmaking Tools

Project Phoenix convened a group of funders from a broad range of issue perspectives (climate, civic engagement, worker rights, local economies, etc.) and a broad range of institutional types and positions (size, mission, geography, approach, level of risk-taking, etc.). We realized we often meant very different things by the terms “just transition” or “new economy” or “solidarity economy” and found it difficult to understand each others’ work and the possibilities at the intersection in a shared framework. Learn more about Project Phoenix here.

Working with the Center for Story-based Strategy, we explored the following questions:

  • What are our shared values, and what does a “new economy” actually mean to us?

  • How are we and our work in relationship to each other, or how could we be?

  • How might we expand our understanding of the range of possibilities in a shared framework?

We used the tools in this toolbox to help funders in our cohort get at the answers to these questions, and would like to share them with other funders who might find them valuable.

These tools are intended for funders interested in and exploring grantmaking and/or investments in the broad spectrum of work transitioning to the next economy with equity at the center. This work often lives at the intersection of economy, ecology, democracy, and finance. 

Transitioning to the Next Economy: A Spectrum of Philanthropic Effort

Using this tool, individual or groups of funders can explore what new economy efforts they currently engage in and might engage in along a spectrum. Examples from Project Phoenix are included to help orient the user.  

A Step into the Next Economy: The Project Phoenix 4th Box

Using this tool, individual funders or groups of funders can explore the underlying assumptions, values, framing and language across the spectrum of a particular issue or sector, and what actions might be possible to take another step into the next economy.