Towards a Better Place: Promising Practice in Place Based Philanthropy

Hosted by Aspen Institute Forum for Community Solutions and Neighborhood Funders Group.

September 8-10, 2014
Aspen Meadows Resort
Aspen, CO

Inspired by the resurgence of place-based grantmaking this meeting will address key questions that arise when investing in place. It is our hope that this is truly a beginning conversation that will lead to more in-depth conversations, and ongoing sharing of tools and solutions to help funders (local, state, and national) reexamine the dynamics of their relationships with the communities where they are investing.

This meeting will provide participants with lessons learned from funders who are implementing a collaborative approach to grantmaking in place. A core part of this conversation will include funders learning from local organizations about how their interactions impact their grantees in place. This will provide an opportunity to think about what tools exist to help funders when investing in place. Are there tools that need to be developed? Where are the gaps? What do funders need to help them as they think about committing to specific places?

This convening is open to all staff and trustees of grantmaking institutions; staff of philanthropy-supporting infrastructure groups such as regional associations of grantmakers and affinity groups; and staff of academic institutions and programs focused primarily on the study of philanthropy and the practice of giving. Please share with your networks.

For more information, read the convening concept paper or contact Sheri Brady, Aspen Institute Forum for Community Solutions.

This event is designed specifically for grantmakers.

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