Power Research

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 

12 pm PT / 1 pm MT / 2 pm CT / 3 pm ET    

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Power research is a key strategy used by the most effective grassroots organizers and movements in the struggle for justice.

By definition, this strategy utilizes research, mapping and analysis to connect the dots between regressive policies and the corporations, powerful individuals, organizations, and policy makers who benefit both financially and politically from their enforcement.

As an offensive tool, power research guides the development of strategic campaigns that target and expose the drivers of racism and racial division that perpetuate structural inequality. Grassroots racial, economic and environmental justice organizations use power mapping and research to take on police brutality and mass incarceration, school privatization, gentrification, predatory debt and the fossil fuel industry. Furthermore, as networks of state-based grassroots organizations collectively build independent political power and shape a progressive racial and economic justice agenda, power research is increasingly a central component of long-term and ongoing strategy and campaign development.

Join this webinar to learn more about power research and how it is being used by grassroots organizations and networks to build power and win campaigns! 

Co-hosted by Neighborhood Funders Group, Solidaire NetworkArca Foundation, and Funder's Committee for Civic Participation


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